Who Is Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D.? 

Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. is a genderless character that refuses to be one dimensional. In a society that praises specialization, Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D won’t specialize and is proud of it. Even though its existence takes place in two dimensions, thinking in a multi-dimensional environment is its specialty. Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. is a connoisseur of many fields, but the ones that come across more prominently are music, business, romance and general reflections on life. Most of the drawings depicting the good doctor’s world are the result of a constant conflict resolution exercise between a confused creator and a determined two-dimensional character with a mind of its own.

Even though Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. is a simple character formed by simple forms, its understanding of the human conflict is real and palpable. With an expressionless face, Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. can tell us what’s on its mind through the purity of its movements and the countless shapes that inevitably and irremediably follow it. These forms are the core of its expressive world. Points, lines, wiggles and endless, elegant curves follow Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D’s reflections on Life, Music, Business and Love. Are these forms Tails or Tales…?
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